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I, Robot?

Recently I saw a bit of the current Congressional hearings on the financial crisis of 2008 on the news. While it was interesting to see another view from some back-room insiders of what these major financial institutions and the government were doing in those hectic matter of days and hours as they attempted to save the world from financial disaster, what really caught my attention and gave me something to ponder was that one of the Commissioner’s questioned automation of industry and how it affected high unemployment and the normal hiring processes. It seemed to be incongruent for the venue, but his question was still a good one.

Business owners, corporations and employees alike are faced with the automation of jobs: Is it more cost effective to automate with a machine or hire a real live person or persons to do the same work? Can a person do the task better than a machine? As technology has grown over time, especially since the industrial revolution, ways to raise productivity and benefit the company has some times seem to have been at odds with working class people and full employment.

Even in our sign-making industry we have seen the decline of people needed to perform sign manufacturing over the last decade. Digital printing has been around for slightly more than a dozen years or so, yet that is the foundation of the printing and graphics industry we know today. No longer does it take scores of people to set type and hand paint signs. It takes more complex knowledge of design, layout and typography. A sign maker now needs to be knowledgeable with computerized design software applications, proper and effective use of color and white space. And most of all it needs to be an effective design to do what it is after all supposed to do: communicate your message to your clients. Why else does anyone get a sign?

Yes, there are still demands for the company to make more effective profit with less expense and increase the bottom line. And while overseas wholesale shops can always print quantities cheap and the in ternet opens us all up to other market opportunities as well as other vulnerabilities and competitions, we don’t think sign makers will be automated for along time to come.

There will always be a need for a business to develop a relationship of trust with a graphics provider; trust in their design skills and manufacturing experience, especially if the client has a need for signs and graphics on an ongoing basis like many businesses do. Especially if you’re someone who wants that of genuine spark of human creativity you just can’t find in a machine. That will just have to wait for a good science fiction story!


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Something for Every Season

Bless this home

I spoke to a man the other day who’s business is harvesting. Since this is Spring, I was surprised to hear him say how busy they were. He said in the Spring they do thinning of the crops—still the core business, working with trees and crops. I thought how interesting and food for thought.

In business, one always wants to keep jobs or projects flowing steadily, although everyone probably has busy times or slower times of the year. But it gave me some insight to have some diversification within the core skillset and versatile product line that you work in. If you don’t have something for the off season, try to develop a new line or a complimentary product that you can offer your customers that isn’t too far outside of what you already know, something that won’t take a big learning curve and that you can serve up to your customers quickly and reap the reward!

That’s what we’re doing. Wild Signs is working on releasing a line of home wall art décor in vinyl wall designs. Much of our normal signage is exterior but putting text on a surface in an attractive design with the right font and color and then outputting it with printers is our core skillset. There is no learning curve.

We are excited about launching our new product line and will have more to say in the future as we get closer to releasing designs for sale. Here’s a sample of one of the designs. They are reasonably priced and customizable in size and color. We won’t be waiting for the off-season, but plan to have them for your enjoyment every season of your life!

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Dates for Banners

Why don’t dates fall on the same day each year? Wouldn’t that be easier for a lot of things if they did?

Take a banner for instance. Clients who have a tradeshow or exhibition event every year of course have a banner either for their table, booth or even outside their building and put a lot of effort, time and money into their banners. But its that date thing. The date may or may not even be on the same day, but if you say Tuesday March 23, next year its going to be Wednesday. What’s a business to do? Throw out the banner with the bath water? Wait! Stop! Sign solutions always start with good design!

When you’re making a banner for more than a one day event, you’re expecting, or at least hoping, to reuse that banner next year but you’re not sure of the dates. The sign solution is to create a block of white space for the dates where they can be easily changed, either with printed or with die-cut lettering and then you can easily change the dates for the following year. Problem solved!

Of course I do know why the dates don’t fall on the same date each year, but I just wanted to see if you were paying attention!

See you next time!

And remember, make each sign a Wild Sign because…

life is too short for an ugly sign!

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Introduction to Wild Signs

Your sign is likely the first thing your customers will see of your company. The US Chamber of Commerce says signage is responsible for 50% of your business. Take a moment to evaluate your current signage. What kind of message are you sending? Is your logo unique? Creative? Is your logo effectively communicating what your business is all about? Do the colors make it stand out? Or does your image need a design facelift?

Whatever graphics or signage you may need, interior or exterior signs; vehicle graphics and wraps; from a simple banner or temporary magnetic sign, to a custom digital print or dimensional letters, Wild Signs strives to offer unparalleled service & design to provide you a better product and has consistently for over 40 years.

Wild Signs award-winning graphic designers knowledge and experience in use of color and layout produce superior designs that will elevate your business and graphics to a new level. Let us create an image for your business that is as unique as you are!

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