Have you heard the latest buzz?

In order to compete in today’s competitive marketplace, you must think of your signage as a sophisticated and powerful marketing tool.  So you hear this buzzword ‘vehicle wrap’ from people you meet, clients, business associates and even your barber is saying you should get a wrap. Is it a new kind of haircut procedure, you wonder? Is this going to hurt? Is he going to wrap something around your hair and then rip it out by the roots?

You can take a deep sigh of relief. No, it is applying customized, digitally printed media all over a vehicle to provide low-cost advertising and strengthen your company’s identity. In fact vehicle wraps is growing in attractiveness as a desired media because it combines the elements of marketing and branding in one vehicle as it were.

A vehicle wrap, even a partial wrap, converts your average looking vehicle into an attention getting billboard on wheels. It’s customized for the advertiser and display’s the targeted message, via carefully designed text and graphics, the company wants to send. It increases consumer awareness, “branding” your company in their mind so that when a potential customer needs the goods or services you offer; your name will be the first one they think of.

One thing that business owner’s may fail to recognize is how a vehicle wrap provides a showcase and “exclusivity” that you don’t find in the phone book, print or newspaper ads. Even if you only have a small car, a wrap might displays 4’ x 8’ on each side. That’s 64 sq. ft. that you’re paying for anyway. You might as well put it to work for you! How much can 64 sq ft buy you in the yellow pages?

Vehicle Wraps and Fleet Graphics…

1.  Strengthen and increase consumer awareness of a company’s brand identity.

2. Provide low-cost advertising

3. Create a custom concept that visually speaks to targeted audience

4. Offer exclusivity you don’t receive in any other media

5. 90 % of commuters and travelers notice vehicle graphics

In today’s highly competitive market, if a company has one vehicle or a fleet, every business should consider the benefits of vehicle wrapping. It will help make your advertising dollars really count.  And that won’t hurt a bit!


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