Does your graphics provider ask the right questions?

The other day a prospective client called us to inquire about a project he was planning. Our designer asked him questions about what the project was going to be for, where it was going to be used, how long he needed it for etc. Since it was for a vehicle wrap project, she asked him about the kind of sides the vehicle had and just various kinds of questions she needed to ask in order to be able to give him a proper quote for his project.

It was so remarkable to him that he remarked about the process. He said he had called other design shops and no one else had asked him these kinds of questions she had! He also said it gave him more confidence in dealing with us that we knew what we were doing. When you think about it, how can you properly and effectively quote a job, then produce the job that will be what the client wants and most importantly needs if you don’t ask some basic questions? That just makes sense!

Graphic production and manufacturing is not a one-size-fits-all kind of business. So, we’ll try not to make it seem like an investigation, but ask you enough about your project to make you happy about the outcome!


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