Something for Every Season

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I spoke to a man the other day who’s business is harvesting. Since this is Spring, I was surprised to hear him say how busy they were. He said in the Spring they do thinning of the crops—still the core business, working with trees and crops. I thought how interesting and food for thought.

In business, one always wants to keep jobs or projects flowing steadily, although everyone probably has busy times or slower times of the year. But it gave me some insight to have some diversification within the core skillset and versatile product line that you work in. If you don’t have something for the off season, try to develop a new line or a complimentary product that you can offer your customers that isn’t too far outside of what you already know, something that won’t take a big learning curve and that you can serve up to your customers quickly and reap the reward!

That’s what we’re doing. Wild Signs is working on releasing a line of home wall art décor in vinyl wall designs. Much of our normal signage is exterior but putting text on a surface in an attractive design with the right font and color and then outputting it with printers is our core skillset. There is no learning curve.

We are excited about launching our new product line and will have more to say in the future as we get closer to releasing designs for sale. Here’s a sample of one of the designs. They are reasonably priced and customizable in size and color. We won’t be waiting for the off-season, but plan to have them for your enjoyment every season of your life!


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