Dates for Banners

Why don’t dates fall on the same day each year? Wouldn’t that be easier for a lot of things if they did?

Take a banner for instance. Clients who have a tradeshow or exhibition event every year of course have a banner either for their table, booth or even outside their building and put a lot of effort, time and money into their banners. But its that date thing. The date may or may not even be on the same day, but if you say Tuesday March 23, next year its going to be Wednesday. What’s a business to do? Throw out the banner with the bath water? Wait! Stop! Sign solutions always start with good design!

When you’re making a banner for more than a one day event, you’re expecting, or at least hoping, to reuse that banner next year but you’re not sure of the dates. The sign solution is to create a block of white space for the dates where they can be easily changed, either with printed or with die-cut lettering and then you can easily change the dates for the following year. Problem solved!

Of course I do know why the dates don’t fall on the same date each year, but I just wanted to see if you were paying attention!

See you next time!

And remember, make each sign a Wild Sign because…

life is too short for an ugly sign!


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